« The Children's Case concept was launched by the Children of Africa Foundation in order to offer orphaned or abandoned children all the benefits of a small family structure that supports them. Located in the heart of Abidjan in the Plateau district, the Case des Enfants has been welcoming children, girls and boys, orphans, abandoned, living in the street, or from very poor families without ethnic or religious distinction, for nearly 15 years. On the principle of a halfway house, the Children's Case covers the children globally by providing all the costs relating to them: food, accommodation, supervision, schooling and training. The primary objective is to restore dignity to these children, tried by life from an early age, by giving them every chance of being able to re-integrate into society and lead a decent life. »


Nearly 60 children are permanently cared for

Perched like a cozy nest at the exit of the Plateau, the administrative district of the District of Abidjan, the Children's Case of the Children of Africa Foundation is a reception center for children in difficult circumstances. Today there are 56 children in the hut, including 26 girls and 30 boys. These children, for the most part abandoned or living in difficult situations, find help and assistance for their academic, social and educational development.

A unique place to protect orphans, abandoned, destitute or victims of various exploitation

Since its creation, La Case has been an excellent reception center for children and young adolescents of the male sex, orphans, abandoned, destitute or victims of various exploitation. Originally, the home had the dual character of boarding school and day school. In fact, it not only welcomed underprivileged children into its midst, but it opened its doors, every noon, to young day students to enable them to eat. Between 2008 and 2009, La Case des Enfants essentially became a boarding school under the direction of Mrs. Dominique Ouattara. It was between 2009 and 2010 that young girls were welcomed into this home for underprivileged children.

A management team made up of education and health professionals

The residents of La Case are supervised day and night by a team of specialized educators and social workers. This team takes care of the supervision, education and health of the children. The health management, meanwhile, is made up of a doctor and a nurse. It is this staff whose mission is to ensure the cognitive, social and emotional development of the children of the hut. The reception center offers its residents the possibility of being educated. In addition, children participate in recreational and sports activities on a daily basis to open their minds to the world. These are Nanbudo (Japanese martial art), talks-debates, theater, storytelling, quizzes (general knowledge competitions), dance, recitals, drawing, artist visits and discoveries (zoo, …)

The results of La Case des Enfants in a few figures

More than 1000

children have benefited from the services of La Case since its creation


for passing exams

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