3 November 2021


The First Lady donated an ambulance, furniture and medical equipment to the "Dominique Ouattara" health center in Ferkessédougou on Thursday, October 28, 2021.

The donations worth 30 million CFA francs included two (02) beds for the observation unit, one (01) fetal ultrasound, two (02) delivery tables with protective bars, eight (08) mattresses for observation beds, two (02) wheelchairs, four (04) care carts, two (02) refrigerators, six (06) gurneys, four (04) delivery boxes, four (04) small surgery boxes, two (02) examination lights, two (02) adult scales, four (04) electronic voltages, four (04) infrared thermometers, four (04) chairs with padded backs, four (04) desks and three (03) 1.5 hp splits.  In addition to these donations, the First Lady Dominique Ouattara offered 5,500,000 CFA francs to the staff and to the people present.

Built in 2018, the health center "Dominique Ouattara" of Ferkessédougou has a dispensary and a maternity ward.

The donation ceremony witnessed the presence of Mr. Téné Birahima Ouattara, Minister of State, Minister of Defense and President of the Regional Council of Tchologo, Mrs. Achi Florence, wife of the Prime Minister and many other personalities.

Mrs. Dominique Ouattara took the opportunity to stress the importance of this health center for the well-being of the community. For the wife of the Head of State, access to quality health care is a fundamental right for all, but also a condition for the well-being of the people. "I am extremely happy every time a health center opens its doors in our country, because it contributes to ease access to health, for our people," said Mrs. Dominique Ouattara.  She also urge women especially pregnant women to go to hospital. "I would like to ask my dear sisters of Ferkessédougou, especially those who are pregnant to go regularly to the hospital for their prenatal consultations and deliveries, because it remains the best place to give birth safely and to guarantee their health their babies health," she advised.

Mr. Ouattara Kaweli, mayor of the town of Ferkessédougou, welcomed the generous contribution made by the First Lady . "You are a lady with a big heart," he said.

Professor Soro Gountere, Director of the center, agreed, thanking the First Lady for her generosity.

It is important to note that the Dominique Ouattara health center was opened in 2018.

Résumé de l’action



Champ d'action

Reinforcing a health center capacity

Type de projet

Donation to the Dominique Ouattara Health Center of Ferkessédougou


Thursday 28 October 2021
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