The Foundation acts in favor of fragile social groups and more particularly poor women to promote their well-being and their empowerment through the strengthening and creation of income-generating activities. This will allow them to contribute to the health and education of their children.

Mother's Day and Women's Empowerment

Chidren of Africa on the occasion of Mother's Day shows its exceptional commitment to them by helping to equip and finance numerous activities throughout Côte d'Ivoire.

Mother's Day Donations to the poor
and Women's Empowerment

The Foundation does not forget the most fragile and needy people. She especially helps children with disabilities or autism, for example.

Partnership with the Day of the African Child

On the occasion of this important day, the Foundation is making a concrete commitment by providing assistance to institutions that work in the spirit of this day.

The Foundation football tournament

Each year the Dominique Ouattara football tournament is organized for children from 7 to 15 years old The competitions take place in 55 localities of the country The winning team receives the "Dominique Ouattara cup and gifts are distributed to all the finalists, to the top scorers and the best goalkeepers.

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