18 May 2021

bringing authors into classrooms

Because reading is a great way to improve kids knowledge, the Children Of Africa Foundation has given the opportunity to students of the Abobo school complex to meet with an author.

The students met with Ms. Charline Legaul,  author of the children's book : "N'dogoula: the adventure of the Koumba family in Gabon" on Tuesday, May 18, 2021.

Ms. Charline Legault talked with students about her work and answered their questions. For more than an hour, the author went through the twenty pages of the book to the great joy of the children. She explained that the book is about N'dogoula, a half-caste born of a Gabonese father and a French mother.  She wanted to show how important it is for children with two nationalities and living in Europe to understand where their coming from. For the children it was also important to learn more about Gabon through the international airport of Leon M'Ba of Libreville, the boulevard of independence, Pointe noir, the equatorial forest with its rich fauna and flora. A treasure trove of discovery that has focused the attention of young children for nearly an hour. The adventures of N'dogoula in the country of his ancestors is a bit like a journey of life or even more, a journey of initiation.

After the reading session, students asked an array of questions to reward their curiosity.

Charline Legault is a writer and editor. She was born in the cosmopolitan area of Treichville. She was a tennis and swimming champion in Côte d'Ivoire, then vice-champion of Africa in swimming. She discovered Gabo, the country of her husband Where she discovered the beauty of nature.

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The Abobo School Complex

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Reading session for young children

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Inviting writer Charline Legault, author of the book : "N'dogoula, the adventure of the Koumba family in Gabon"


Tuesday 18 May 2021
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