10 June 2021

Top students, teachers and technical staff celebrated

The Children Of Africa School Group of Excellence in Abobo Anador celebrated its best students, teachers and social workers on Thursday, June 10, 2021.

Indeed, after a successful school year, the school of the Children Of Africa Foundation wanted to reward the best of its first class of students, as well as the best among its teachers and technical services. A total of 56 students from kindergarten and primary school, as well as 03 teachers and 03 technical services agents were distinguished for their performance during the school year that is passing.

The award ceremony which took place in the school compound, was attended by Mrs. Cissé Aïssatou, Head of Education and Training, and Mrs. Béatrice Durand, Head of Social Affairs of the Children Of Africa Foundation, as well as members of the school staff, students and parents.

For the first promotion of this establishment opened in October 2020, several personalities have associated their images. These include the President of the Republic and the First Lady of Côte d'Ivoire. The former Prime Minister late Hamed Bakayoko and the SIPPI group, partner of the Children Of africa Foundation have also been associated.

Miss Kamara Fatim Nolyvée, the best of the best

Miss Kamara Sarah Fatim Nolyvée, a student in CM1 A class who obtained the average of 19.59/20 became the best student of the very first promotion of the school group of Excellence of the Children Of Africa Foundation of Abobo.

Specifically, the Alassane Ouattara prize was awarded to the four best students of each level (Maternelle, CP, CE and CM). The Dominique Ouattara prize was awarded to the first of the twelve classes of the school group. The Hamed Bakayoko prize was awarded to the three best students of the kindergarten section. The second and third of each class (24 students) received the SIPPI prize. In addition to these awards, twelve (12) other students received congratulations and a special prize from the Children Of Africa Foundation for their good behavior in school.

Staff members awarded

The Children Of Africa Foundation's School Group of Excellence also celebrated the best among its staff.

Thus received the special award of the Foundation of Mrs. Dominique Ouattara, three (03) teachers, a canteen manager, a security guard and a surface technician.

Note that the school group of Excellence of the Children Of Africa Foundation welcomed for its first school year in September 2020 nearly 700 students distributed as follows: 100 in kindergarten and 600 in primary school (300 in Dominique A elementary school and 300 in Dominique Ouattara B elementary school).

The establishment was inaugurated on Thursday, October 8, 2020 by the Ivorian presidential couple. Finally, to integrate the school group of Excellence of Abobo, it is necessary to go through the box of excellence through a competition. Schooling is free.

Résumé de l’action


Abobo Anador

Champ d'action

Celebration of students and teachers’achievement

Type de projet

Rewarding the best students and teachers


Thursday 10 June 2021
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