23 December 2017

More than 3,000 children receive gifts at the Presidential Palace in Plateau

The 2017 edition of the Christmas tree of the Children Of Africa Foundation of Mrs. Dominique Ouattara has kept all its promises. Major event of this end of the year, they are more than 3,000 children from the entire Autonomous District of Abidjan, the interior of the country, 17 NGOs and associations, ministers, the Presidency, various political parties and children of journalists who stormed, this Saturday, December 23, 2017, the gardens of the Presidential Palace of Plateau.  A beautiful party between the magic and fairy tales of which its ferus toddlers.

Bouncy castles, games, shows of Bouldegums clowns, giant butterflies, puppets ''Chica chica'' and the unexpected arrival of Santa Claus in a helicopter, then his entrance in the company of super heroes of the Marvel and DC Comic universe, allowed the little ones to spend moments as magical as unforgettable.  N'Chono Chancelle, a pupil in the third grade at EPP Obodjikro 4 in Agboville praised the generosity and love of the initiator of the Christmas tree. Mama Dominique, may God keep you alive for a long time so that we, your children, can benefit from this love that illuminates our lives like a ray of sunshine," she thanked the President of the Children Of Africa Foundation.

Dominique Ouattara, Founder of Children Of Africa was delighted to spend such unforgettable moments in the company of dear children. Also, it is the heart in joy and the tremolo in the voice that the generous donor has spelled out the menu of this party that she has specially concocted for the greatest happiness of the little ones. This year, we have planned new surprises for you, from the entrance of the Presidential Palace, to the gardens, so that you have even more fun," she said. She concluded by thanking all those who have enabled the realization of this 2017 edition of the Christmas tree of her Humanitarian Foundation.

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Saturday 23 December 2017
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