30 January 2023

Grands Ponts Region : The Children Of Africa Foundation launches a free vaccination campaign against Typhoid Fever for 10,000 children

The Children Of Africa Foundation of Mrs. Dominique Ouattara in partnership with the Manuel Antonio Mota Foundation with the support of the Mota Engil Côte d’Ivoire company will vaccinate 10,000 children aged 6 to 15 years free of charge against typhoid fever in the Grands Ponts region, from January 26 to February 4, 2023. The vaccination campaign will be done along with a deworming campaign for 15,000 children in this region of the country. Thus, for about ten days, the teams of the Children Of Africa Foundation will visit thirteen localities of the Grands Ponts Region. These include Dabou, Toupah, Petit Badien, Lopouh, Nouvel Osrou, Bacanda, Ahouanou, Irobo, Attoutou A, Grand Lahou, Ebonou, Toukouzou and Jacqueville.

The vaccination campaign was launched on Thursday, January 26, 2023, at the Henri Konan Bédié Square in Dabou. It witnessed the participation of many personalities, elected officials and executives of the region, partners of the Children Of Africa Foundation, as well as children and people who came out in large numbers.

Mrs. Nadine Sangaré, Director of the Children Of Africa Foundation representing                        Mrs. Dominique Ouattara, took this opportunity to review the various health campaigns initiated for nearly 20 years by this humanitarian organization. According to Mrs. Nadine Sangaré, 103,000 children have benefited from free eye care during the Children of Africa’s eye campaigns. Similarly, 85,000 children have been vaccinated free of charge against typhoid fever and meningitis throughout the country, and finally, 170,000 children have been dewormed on these various occasions.  For the current campaign, the Foundation’s teams will visit thirteen (13) localities in the three health departments of the Grands Ponts region. Mrs. Nadine Sangaré then thanked the Foundation’s donors for making this vaccination campaign possible. The representative of the First Lady then encouraged parents to do everything possible to preserve the health of their children.

Mr. Koffi Aka Charles, Chief of staff to the Minister of Health, Public Hygiene and Universal Health Coverage, lifted a corner of the veil on the importance and impact on child mortality. Indeed, for him, vaccination is the best prevention against infectious diseases. According to him, 2.5 million deaths have been prevented thanks to vaccination.

Mr. Sess Essiagne Daniel, President of the Regional Council of Grands Ponts, thanked Mrs. Dominique Ouattara on behalf of the population for having chosen her region for this free vaccination campaign.

Mr. Yede Niangne Jean-Claude, Mayor of the town of Dabou also agreed. Indeed, the first magistrate of Dabou thanked Mrs. Dominique Ouattara for having chosen her town to host the launch of this campaign.

Mr. Nelson Andrade, General Manager of Mota Engil, partner of the Foundation, presented his company.

It is important to note that for this first day, 1,800 children in the locality of Dabou were vaccinated free of charge against Typhoid Fever. The First Lady, although absent, made a point of expressing her heart by offering three (3) million CFA francs to the people present at this ceremony.

Résumé de l’action


City of Dabou

Champ d'action

Combating Typhoid fever among children aged 6 to 15 years

Type de projet

Launching of free vaccination against Typhoid Fever and deworming campaign for children aged 6 to 15 years in the Grands-Ponts Region (Dabou, Grand-Lahou and Jacqueville)


Thursday 26 January 2023
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