15 March 2022

8th edition of Children Of Africa Gala Dinner: Guests visit the Children Of Africa’s School complex in Abobo

A few hours before the Gala Dinner of the Children Of Africa Foundation,         Mrs. Dominique Ouattara’s guests visited in the morning on Friday, March 11, 2022, the Children Of Africa School compex in Abobo Anador.

The ceremony which took place on the school sports field witnessed the presence of Princess Ira de Fürstenberg, patron of the Children Of Africa Foundation,    Mrs. Mariatou Koné, Minister of National Education and Literacy, the city’s authority, art, cinema, music celebrities and many other personalities, as well as students and their parents.

The children were happy to welcome in their school, these personalities they normally see on television.  To express their gratitude and appreciation the kids gave  song and dance performances. On behalf of all the students Miss Guessa Marie Olive expressed her gratitude, recognition and pride for the opportunity offered to them to attend this school of excellence despite their modest background. "(...) It is a privilege for me to stand here today to express my thanks for giving us the chance to attend this school of excellence, which has the necessary amenities for our well-being. By building this beautiful school, you wanted to make sure that kids in Abobo have equal chance to succeed as those living in residential areas "said Miss Guessa Marie-Odile.

Mrs. Yao Augustine, spokesperson for the parents, was keen to emphasize that the Children Of Africa Foundation School is free of charge. According to her, everything is free of charge for the great relief of the parents. "(...) Indeed, you have decided to build this school in Abobo, for kids. We will always thank you for that, because it is completely free; we pay nothing. The school supplies and the school clothes are free. Our children receive a variety of meals in the lunchroom throughout the school year. We are happy to have such a school where the children are well supervised by the teachers. It is a relief for us" she said.

Mrs. Dominique Ouattara, President of the Children Of Africa Foundation, recalled the objective and importance of such a school. Indeed, for her, the Children Of Africa Foundation has always made education among its priorities. It is important to offer a good school to our children  for them to have access to good education. It is important to note that the Foundation had raised funds during its 2018 Gala Dinner in order to make this project a reality. "(...) through this school, I wanted  to inculcate a spirit of emulation among children , by the beauty of its setting and the quality of its teaching. We believe that all children, regardless of their social status, should have equal chance to benefit from the best possible education in a pleasant environment," said Dominique Ouattara.  A dream that became true thanks to the generosity of donors and guests of the Gala Dinner. "(...) Thanks to your generosity and your contribution, we have been able to build this beautiful School for children of Abobo and their parents," she explained.

It is important to note that the Abobo complex school is built on a 15,000 m2 plot of land. It is entirely free, including uniforms, school supplies and canteens for all students. With a capacity of 700 students including 100 in kindergarten and 600 in primary school, it has a school canteen, a library, a playground for toddlers and a sports field.

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