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The Children of Africa Foundation offers its expertise at the service of the government in addressing child labour issues. After the construction of the Bingerville Mother-Child Hospital, which opened in late 2016, the Children of Africa Foundation launched a new innovative project to provide better assistance to child victims of exploitation, trafficking and labour. Indeed, the lack of a transit center sometimes makes it difficult to fight against the phenomenon. The Children of Africa Foundation, recognizing that need and building on its expertise in managing reception centers for children in difficult situations, initiated a project to contribute to the elimination of child labour. The new project will consist of the construction of three shelters for children in distress, for a total cost of three billion FCFA (one billion FCFA per center), to house and provide temporary assistance to children before they return back to their families.


From Ferké to Soubré...


Due to their strategic and geographic location, three localities have been selected to host the Children Of Africa’s shelters for children in need. They are :

- Ferkessédougou (in the north) is one of the main cities in the Savannah region, on the border of Mali and Burkina Faso. This city is the gateway for traffickers and child exploiters due to its geographic location.

- Bouaké (in the center) is an important sub-regional African trade hub because his access is provided by the Abidjan-Niger railway.

- Soubré (in the South West) is one of the main cities of the Nawa region and is famous for its cash crops including coffee, cocoa, oil palm and rubber.


To bring hope into the lives of cocoa growing communities


The impementation of this project will allow the Children of Africa Foundation to bring a new breath to the elimination of child labour in the country, and to bring hope of a new life for child victims, but also a new way of life in the cocoa producing communities, respectful of children's rights and labour standards. Such high-quality care will significantly reduce the impact of child labour on children’s psychological and emotional development. The most impressive example being undoubtedly « la case des enfants », which is a shelter run by the Children of Africa Foundation.


Some illustrative figures



children’s shelters located in Côte d’Ivoire



billion francs investment per shelter